The Methods

We have developed the method of SmartIntegration and are constantly improving on it. It enables the development of clever integration architecture with a lean process model for projects within the EAI, BPI or custom-tailored solutions.

The core of our method is the very simple idea of a „breakdown“ of complex challenges, interdependent integration architectures and non-transparent infrastructures. After this initial „breakdown“, we put the EAI-puzzle pieces very carefully and efficiently back together following the latest EAI and BPI approach.

Our expert team can implement your integration paradigm and optimize the interoperability of your applications, or just design your own SOA-registry for enabling a high level of flexibility and scalability of your integration layer.

During our cooperation we look for problem-oriented solutions and establish the best possible communication between heterogenic systems – as a starting point or as a part of your existing SOA or cloud strategy.

You can learn more about our SmartIntegration at