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We put your integration bus into operation and keep it operating.

A modern integration platform is essential for your business, and sometimes even indispensable to support your business process in a more flexible way and to involve your partners and clients more efficiently.

The operation, stability and durability of your integration platform as well as its continuous optimization are important for your success, but are not part of your core business?

Just ask us about our custom-made outsourcing proposals. We will make sure, that you can keep your attention on your core business, saving your resources for future growth. Leave the rest to us.

Our customized in/out-sourcing strategies are always aimed at the highest added value for our customers. We develop custom-made work patterns that suit both your requirements and those of a standard SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Beside individual strategies we offer a standardized work and operational process pattern – the MeBro.Tec Integration Bus – our highly sophisticated, pre-configured sourcing model for integration platforms.

  • Service for WebSphere MQ Infrastructure

    For more than 20 years WebSphere MQ-Series has become indispensable for the application integration of business data and business processes by means of information exchange between different platforms, or data exchange via messages.

    Architecture In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we plan the best possible WMQ infrastructure based on the required communication lines and interfaces between the applications and the existing hard- and software environment. We have substantial experience in planning and executing all of the WMQ functions like Queue Manager Clustering, Publish-Subscribe, WMQ File Transfer Edition, WMQ Telemetry and WMQ AMS.

    Installation WebSphere MQ supports various platforms and operation systems. Our experience and know how helps to find the best solution for special installation requirements.

    Configuration We implement the installation of all WebSphere MQ objects and modules with the help of check lists and the support of scriptlets and macros. This allows an easy parameter data restore and enables a better traceability of the whole WebSphere MQ configuration. We have gathered a significant knowledge base of installation and configuration macros.

    Security The safe communication between various systems within a company is a key issue. We ensure the required safeness of the WebSphere MQ communication routes using QMQ integrated security systems like SSL in order to protect the transmission of encoded data.

    Operations We design the operational models for your WebSphere MQ- based messaging infrastructure relying on our expertise and experience. With fully automated processes for managing and administration of complex MQ- infrastructures we achieve high levels of maintenance and stability. If required we carry out changes on existing systems and support the in-house WMQ administrators.

    Support We are specialized in detecting and correcting existing problems within WebSphere MQ-infrastructures with diagnostic tools in order to assure the maintenance and a steady working modus. Thanks to the constant information exchange with IBM, we are familiar with the latest WMQ support packs.

    Training We offer support to WebSphere MQ-client application developers. We provide WMQ training and workshops focused on the basics of WebSphere MQ, administration and development. We offer preparatory courses for IBM certification for WMQ administrators.

  • WebSphere Message Broker

    The WebSphere Message Broker opens new ways for universal connectivity and transformation in heterogeneous enterprise IT environments, thus enabling a service oriented business process integration approach.

    Architecture We analyze the data, data formats, processes and workflows, communication protocols, and the business requirements in order to design a suitable architectural model for the use of the WebSphere Message Broker as core component for the business process integration.

    Installation We install and support all product versions of WebSphere Message Broker for all hardware platforms and operating systems. Similarly, we support the integration of Message Broker in the existing IT environment.

    Development Our consultants have extensive experience in the implementation of WebSphere Message Broker components, message flows and Message Broker Frameworks (as part of the MeBro.Tec Integration Bus Framework).

    Security The WebSphere Message Broker supports numerous data formats and communication protocols. For each technology, there are different security requirements. We analyze the situation and together with our clients choose the appropriate approach to design and implement security for communications between Message Broker and interconnected applications.

    Operations We have extensive experience in the operation and administration of WebSphere Message Broker. We manage, administrate and monitor the operability of the Message Broker instances using our own MeBro.Tec Message Broker Framework. In that way we can implement changes if required and are able to conduct fast incident recovery.

    Support With the help of our monitoring and analysis framework (MeBro.Tec Integration Bus), we are able to diagnose faults, solve incidents and fix performance problems in order to ensure the required operational stability and performance. We have developed a set of performance measures and benchmarks, which will help you to streamline the usage of server resources, to save time and to make your WebSphere Message Broker more powerful.

    Training As part of our training and workshops, we deliver the fundamentals and experience of application integration using Message Broker, and the administration and development of WebSphere Message Broker message flows.

  • Services for WebSphere Datapower

    An essential part of the WebSphere product portfolio, DataPower appliances offer specialized powerful integration units with the ability to solve complex format transformations and to integrate different protocols, enabling flexibility and scalability for the integration architectures.

    Architecture We will assess your existing architecture, and then can show you how to achieve an optimal integration of DataPower within your Enterprise Service Bus with the help of MeBro.Tec integration methodology. That way the transformation of different data formats and the interaction between heterogeneous communication protocols and context based message routing are easily solved. The required security is also part of our offered solution.

    Configuration We can implement and manage your DataPower appliances, as well as the complete integration bus. Regardless the given role, which those appliances are due to conduct, we can deliver the optimized operational configuration and achieve best performance.

    Security The DataPower appliances provide by itself a high degree of security and support all known encryption standards. Our expertise complements the service array to an individual and custom tailored security concept with DataPower as a central element.

    Operations We offer individual support services according to the needs of our customers.